Experience the Digital Transformation

20. February 2019 Martin Vollenweider 0

Description In all undergraduate or graduate studies as well as on the job, students will be faced with emerging technologies, such as Industry 4.0, Blockchain, Merged Reality, Internet of things, etc. It is important that students understand the concepts and contexts of those technologies — the digital transformation — and how they relate and mesh with their daily life. It is equally important that they […]

Augmented Reality for the Web

16. October 2018 Martin Vollenweider 0

This blog post briefly describes how to build Augmented reality applications for the Web. We are talking of pure HTML, CSS and Javascript apps as well as hybrid solutions. Hybrid AR Applications Probably the easiest solution is to build AR applications on a hybrid basis with Cordova. It is an Open Source solution from Apache to create mobile apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript. It […]

Virtual Reality for the Web

15. October 2018 Martin Vollenweider 0

There are many solutions to create Augmented and Virtuality Apps for IOS and Android smartphones (for example Wikitude for AR or Insta for VR applications). In this blog post I will discuss the Web solutions. Therefore, I concentrate on solutions which run in the browser or are created with Web technologies (such as HTML, CSS, Javascript) on a Hybrid basis (see this article by Pietro […]

Mozilla A-Frame

A-Frame, the Mozilla Framework for Virtual Reality Experiences

27. June 2018 Martin Vollenweider 1

Virtual Reality (VR) applications allow to create virtual worlds, which can be viewed with the help of VR glasses (such as the Google cardboard). In the application it is possible to include 3D objects, images, videos, audio files as well as animation and interactivity. Viewing a VR application is impressive, since it is possible to see a 360-degree virtual world and interact with it. Amazingly […]